Hopkins, Ellen. Smoked. : Margaret K. McElderry Books, 2013. Print.

ISBN: 1416983287


Written by: Ellen Hopkins 

Reviewed by:Destiny Do

Recommended Audience: High School Students 

        In the book, Smoke, Pattyn ,a 17-year old girl and the oldest of seven sisters, runs away from her Mormon household. Pattyn is on a run after she has killed her father, after too many years of abuse from her father, and from the tragic loss of her boyfriend and their unborn child. Pattyn begins searching for peace. Jackie, Pattyn’s sister, knows what happened that night. Pattyn runs to a family that has immigrated to the U.S and is disguised as their cousin and given a job as a maid at a local estate. After the death of her beloved Ethan, her boyfriend, Pattyn promises to never love anyone again. The daughter of the family she works for is an out-of-control teenager and does not like Pattyn at all. Pattyn doesn’t intend to get involved ,emotionally or physically, with the family she works for. Pattyn becomes attached to the immigrated family, especially the older brother. 

        Back at home Jackie, Pattyn’s younger sister and the other witness of their father’s death, is struggling to retain normalcy and trying to forget the traumatizing event of her father. Sometimes Jackie has flash backs. On that tragic night her boyfriend,Caleb, came over and raped Jackie. When he was done, her father caught Jackie, but Caleb ran away. Jackie’s father started beating her and wouldn’t have stopped if he wasn’t shot. Jackie explains this to her mother, but her mother loves Jackie’s father too much to take pity upon Jackie. Her mother decides to hire a Caleb’s father as a lawyer, to help with their financial problems. Jackie hates this idea, her mother did not care. One day, Jackie’s mother invites Caleb and his father to dinner, and Jackie confessed everything Caleb had done to her and that Jackie shot her father, and Pattyn had nothing to do with it. Jackie’s mother believes her and apologizes to Jackie for ignoring her and not caring about Jackie. After Christmas her family receives a call from the hospital, and Pattyn was injured.

        On Christmas, Pattyn, her boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s friend was driving up a mountain and Pattyn’s employer’s daughter and her friends shot the tire of Pattyn’s car. The teenagers were carrying guns and the teenagers were on drugs. She tried to negotiate with the drugged teens, but the they got annoyed and shot her boyfriend’s friend. Pattyn’s boyfriend stood in front of Pattyn and tried to protect her. The troubled daughter Pattyn worked for, shot through Pattyn’s boyfriend and hit Pattyn’s shouler. The teens drove away and Payton called the police. The ambulence took Pattyn and her boy friend to the hospital. Both of their families are notified and Pattyn is no longer wanted for her father’s death. Jackie confessed she shot her father in self-defense. Pattyn reunites with her mother and her siblings. 

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